Rug Cleaning Waukesha, WI - How to prolong the life span of your carpet

So you just recently cleaned up your own carpeting in Oconomowoc, WI and therefore once more your rug is truly thoroughly clean, refreshed, smooth, as well as cozy. All the spots that have been bothering you for the past couple of months are gone. The actual query, would be how do you keep them that way? Here are some helpful hints you can use year-round to maintain your carpet appearing as clean and fresh as the day we professionally cleaned it.


1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Typically vacuum clean traffic areas Three to five times per week. This will certainly keep soil from settling into your carpet. Walking around over debris and also grit that is settled at the base of the fabric can cause an abrasive motion, which leads to the appearance of traffic lanes and also worn out areas.

2. Clean spillages asap, before they develop into fixed spots. Visit our web site and it'll give you details about how to proceed on removing spills. You also can phone us at $phone and we will as well give you assistance on how you can properly get rid of the spillage.

3.Have your carpeting professionally cleaned on a consistent basis. These must really be cleaned every 6-12 months based on the amount of “traffic” in the house. (i.e. your children, pets, shoes, and the like.) Clean high traffic spaces about twice as often as other sorts of sections.

4.Re-apply Carpet Protector each and every time the carpet or rug is cleaned to help keep unsightly stains from setting in and then the dirt from grinding in. Additional information can be found on our web page.

5. Place walk off pads inside and outside every entrances to your house.

6. Place door mats or maybe bound remnants on top of your carpet on high wear parts, particularly to the front of the couch or perhaps stools as well as entry/exit points from the rugs and carpets.

7. Inserting sleek plastic-type chair mats at the bottom of stools in front of desks might help put a stop to carpet delamination and also wear and tear.

8.Take off your own shoes when you enter your home.

9.Handle the circulation and disposal of foods and drinks in the house.

10.Start using an excellent upright vacuum along with a beater brush and also good filtering system for rugs and carpeting. Be sure you replace the disposable bag frequently to ensure efficient operation.

11.Have your vacuum cleaner in for a checkup at the vacuum cleaner repair center every year to always keep it doing the job at top performance.


So there you've got Eleven tips to extend the lifespan as well as beauty of your carpet investment. If we can be of help or maybe in case you want to set the next appointment call Paul's Carpet & Furniture Cleaning LLC at $phone.