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Linda Farr, Government Hill Road in Delafield: "I'm thrilled, I've finally found a carpet cleaner that can remove the tough stains without having them reappear again! You guys are experts!"

Mary Benson, Government Hill Road in Delafield: "I call Paul's Carpet and Furniture Cleaning every time. They are the only carpet cleaner we ever had and they've kept our carpets in great shape!"

Julie Reuteman, Hwy K in Stone Bank: "I love my carpets. You guys did an awesome job. It was great coming home and having it all done!"

Alicia Sandefur, Baview Point in Stone Bank: "Your service is reliable – you really stand behind your work. The cleaning technicians were very friendly. The work was beautiful!"

Urania Haros on Woodland Hill Drive, Delafield: "I can't say enough! The team at Paul's is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They do excellent work and follow up to make sure that I am satisfied."

Julie Chang on Ponderosa Drive: "I could not be happier with Paul's Carpet Cleaning. Their level of knowledge and expertise in their field is unsurpassed by other companies. My carpet and furniture look good as new after they leave."

Liz Boelter on Evergreen Circle: "I appreciate their rapid response. Late one night we had we noticed we had milk spilled in our van and it had smelled spoiled, they rushed right over. They accommodate our busy family life, are easy to deal with and are trustworthy."

Karen Wilkey on Hickory Lane: "I appreciate their reliability and honesty. Paul's Carpet Cleaning has been a trustworthy company and they are easy to deal with."

Jody Henkel on Maplewood Road: "I appreciate their rapid response. They accommodate our busy family life, are very friendly, and do great work."

Sally Pla on Maplewood Road: "I give them a whole hearted recommendation!"

Fr. Fred Heuser, Pretty Lake Road, Dousman : "Thank you again for the great job you did cleaning the carpeting at my Pretty Lake home. It looks like new. I would certainly recommend you to my friends!"

Bobbi Hollenbeck, Duchess Court, Oconomowoc: "I chose Paul's Carpet Cleaning when I saw their van in my neighborhood. I knew these neighbors had high standards – I was right! Paul's does an excellent job for us. Not only do they do great cleaning, but their people are wonderful too – friendly, courteous and no pushy selling tactics. I definitely recommend Paul's Carpet Cleaning.

Dwayne & Rita Hanon, Broom Tree Ministries, Delafield: "You came to our home to clean our living room carpet which is plagued with a terrible traffic pattern.  We were resigned to getting new carpeting and just wanted one last cleaning to get us through the summer.  You came to assess the situation and advise us as to the best carpeting we could purchase for our traffic problem areas and we really appreciated that. Your cleaning service included extra equipment for the traffic lane which was an extra cost but we went ahead with that choice.  Little did we know that it would work better than any cleaning job we had ever had in the past.  We have been able to put off purchasing new carpet and will keep having you clean this one as needed. We are more than satisfied with your service and results and just wanted to share that with you."  


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